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09 Feb 2012
Street game launch
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Bout Ye!

About our project


The children of Nettlefield Primary School frequently complained to staff that they were bored in the playground.


When staff suggested they should play games, the children strangely replied, 'we don't know any'.  We realised that the street games enjoyed by previous generations had not been passed down.  Nettlefield staff began a mission to teach the children the games, songs and rhymes enjoyed by previous generations.  Extended Schools Funding helped us teach the games each week in an after school club.  Parents, Grand-parents and friends of Nettlefield kindly helped us recover these lost skills; history has been brought to life by the stories told and our children have been learning about childhood of the previous generations.


The Heritage Lottery fund kindly awarded us a grant to share the knowledge we have gained for all generations to enjoy.  The site is ever growing and you the viewer can add your memories to the site.


So take a step back into your past and relive a Belfast childhood where the beginnings of a great day usually began with the phrase


"Are ye comin' out to play?"

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